Flokje grew up in an intellectual, artistic family. She left for a round the world trip at the age of eighteen, when she started seeing the world through her camera. Back home she attended  an orientation year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and soon after studied Photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. She remembers the magical moment in the dark room when her self shot image used to appear. For many years Flokje worked as a portrait photographer commissioned by both companies and private clients. She didn't feel enough challenged and always wondered what could happen working for a longer period at one image. After having completed her first autonomous series in 2011, it got selected immediately for the Photo Festival Naarden in the Netherlands and the Photo Festival Brooklyn in New York.  Soon she worked with leading art galleries exposing her artworks at national and international art fairs and exhibitions. Flokje's contemporary art portraits have been edited with utmost care and precision to create serene, paint-like images. Her artworks are part of private art collections all over the world and have won multiple international awards.

'My artist's practice is driven by the desire to tell stories. In working with young women, vintage clothing and aged locations I am allowed to time travel into the past, where memory and hidden stories abide.'

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